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PFR Engineering Systems - FRNC-5PC v9.6.0

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FRNC-5PC is a rating program for general purpose fired heaters. Based on user-supplied heater geometry, combustion data, and process information, the program calculates operating parameters such as firing rate, heater efficiency, tube skin temperatures and required tube thicknesses, gas-side temperatures and draft, process temperatures, pressure drop and flow regimes, heat duties and fluxes, and much more.

FRNC-5PC simulates entire radiant sections of most heater types, coil configurations, tube and fin types, ducting, stacks, and external transfer lines. FRNC-5PC can simulate the heat recovery sections of all types of furnaces, boilers and turbines.

FRNC-5PC has a user-friendly graphical input system and multiple, user-controlled output options, such as heater data sheets, graphical output, spreadsheet output and tabular output. The input system contains on-line help and input limit and error checking.

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