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ATTENTION!!! Please read the instructions carefully!!!
Believe us, we spent a lot of time to write specific instructions on the type step by step, to make it easier for you and for us to work on finding solutions to your problems.

If you have real Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro Dongle and Real License file for MAKE Zero 2017 software and want change some license information, expiration date or other changes, then ingnore this instructions and just write on us Email what you want.

If you not have Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro Dongle and Real License file for MAKE Zero 2017 software read this instructions and we can make for your "CLEAR" license file for your computer.

Before use this Instructions visit DHI WEB SITE and read all the necessary information to understand the operation of the MIKE Zero 2017 program, license server, configurations, etc.

And before make request, PLEASE,  read all the steps and FAQ.

Instructions for DHI MIKE Zero 2017

Step 1: Get local host ID
1. Download NetlmHostid file.
2. UnZIP this file and execite NetImHostid.exe file on the computer that you selected as the license server.
It should look something like this:

If you do not see the information in HostID, then his system is not suitable for the license server.
It was noted that  HostID does not show on systems Windows x64 bit systems.  We do not know why. Perhaps this is a bug of the program or so it was planned by the program manufacturer.
Any way, find a computer with a suitable system, run NetImHostid.exe the program and write down the HostID.
Step 2: Inctall and configure DHI License Manager

1. Downnoad and Install DHI LICENSE MANAGER.
2. Execute DHI License Manager.
3. Select Local settings and Enable all checkbox and press Applay button.

4. Select All Network licenses and enter in Host name or IP address and press Connect button.

5. Select Settings folder, Enable all checkbox and select Error in Logging Severity and press Applay button.

6. Execute cmd.exe (command promt window) and enter ipconfig.
Write down your IPv4 Address.

Now your license server ready for collect DHI License module names.

Step 3: Install DHI Mike Zero 2017 and configure

1. Choose a good computer for installation DHI Mike Zero 2017. Make sure that this computer is on the same local network as the computers on which you installed DHI License Server.
2. Download and Install DHI Mike Zero 2017
3. Installer installs on this computer DHI License Management. Execute it.
4.  Select License Server and enter in Host name or IP address IPv4 which you recorded in the previous step and press Connect button and Applay button.

Now your systems ready for collect DHI License modules names.

Step 4: Collect DHI License modules names

Now you can start working with the program DHI MIKE Zero 2017.
Running the modules you will see a message about DEMO MODE.

All right. Your main task is to collect the names of the modules you want to license.

Important! Run and work only in the program mullets that you need for constant work. You need to collect only those names that you want to license in the future.
To do this, use the examples provided by the DHI MIKE Zero 2017 program.

Step 5: After collect License module names

1. After collect DHI License names open DHI License Management.
2. Select License Server and select Logging folder.
In this window you will see errors with the names of the license modules :)

3. Press right mouse button on this window and select Export to Text File...
4. Save this information on Modules.txt file.
5. Open Modules.txt file and delete from file WARNING strings and duplicating each other (the same records) with the names of the modules.
For example, if you found two identical records with the name of the module m21bw one leave, the other delete.
If module used NODES_1 and NODES_2 filelds - Specify on how many nodes you want.
6. Fill this FORM and attach to message your License Server HostID from Step1 and attach Modules.txt file.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How is the licensing process going?

You send the completed FORM from Step 5 with a request.
It should contain your HostID License Server and a text file Modules.txt with the names of the modules that you want to license.
We will respond to your request and if we agree on the price we will send you a license file for your HostID on your Email.

What additional options are licensed for one module?

One license string look like this:

<MODULE ModuleName="m21fmsa" Version="2017" ExpirDate="01-06-17" LicenseStartDate="01-01-17" MaxNode_1="4" MaxNode_2="4" MaxUser="1" ProductModelId="Marine.MIKE_21.Environmental.M21_OS.FM.FMSA" GUIHierarchy="MIKE_21" SMAEndDate="01-06-17" MaxNode_4="SMA benefit" H="236e87071f57187711d74ce16c7d2fc5e8504820d6944a4b66d0f57aa668f9f09405" />

ExpireDate - License Expiration date
MaxNode_1 - MaxNode 1
MaxNode_2 - MaxNode 2
MaxUser - Maximum users connect to license server on one time

Other fields not important.

We are have real Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro Dongle and real License file. You can make changes our license file?

We can:

  • Add other modules
  • Change Expiration date for existing modules
  • Change MaxUsers 
  • Change MaxNodes

To add new modules, you need to pass Step 2 for configure Logging Severity to Error mode and Step 4 and Step 5 for collect new modules names.
For other changes your License file need only your License file.

You can add or create modules for other products DHI MIKE 2017?

Yes, We can try to do it for example for HDI MAKE 2017 WEST or HDI MIKE 2017 URBAN but beter it you will be have real License file fo it.

How much cost this service?

For HOSTID Licenses:
Include or Create one module to License file (Exclude MZAPPSHELL module for  execute MAIN MODULE) - $100 USD
This one module will be have MaxUser ="1", MaxNodes_1="4", MaxNodes_2="4". Each module is licensed for 5 years.
Additional one MaxUser (To connect an additional computer to the license server) - $500 USD
Additional Expiration Year all modules - $300 USD
Additional one MaxNodes - $50 USD

For users with real Sentinel Dongle and Real License file:
Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro Dongle Emulator for use it on other computer - $1000 USD
Include one module to License file (Exclude MZAPPSHELL module for  execute MAIN MODULE) - $200 USD
This one module will be have MaxUser ="1", MaxNodes_1="4", MaxNodes_2="4".
Additional one MaxUser (To connect an additional computer to the license server) - $1000 USD
Additional Expiration Year for all modules - $500 USD
Additional one MaxNodes - $100 USD

Possible make TRIAL License for mine License server?

Yes, we can create a TRIAL license for the main module (MZAPPSHELL) and one or two other modules for several days, to check the license on your system.
Specify your desire to receive TRIAL in the order and the modules for which you want to receive TRIAL.


ControlST Software Suite v04.07.09C 
Include all possible modules in emulator

SignBlazer\6 v6.0.11
Generate Activation Code
Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX 5.1
Proficy Historian v4.5.149.0

Possible remove expiration restriction.
Possible change dongle license information.

Veeptool v16
Possible generate activation codes for any modules

NcCenter v6.0.1.157
Solid v9.0.1.157


EasyCUT v4.1b4
EasyGLASS v4.4
EasySTONE v4.1.b3
PowerCAM v3.7c4

Pl@ntVisor Enhansend v1.90
Possible change license file.

BrainVoyager QX v2.8

PerfectCut 6.3 Upgrade Service Pack 7
Possible found all activation codes

Bellview FUSION v7.45
License creation.

QuarK Costos y Presupuestos v15.07.1

CorobCARD PLUS v4.12
CorobLAB v4.0.7

Colour Composter v9.0

Add:  [27.05.2016] Possible generate activation codes for ALL Corob Software

Color iControl v9.7.10.1
Remove Registration License Key

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