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RISA Technologies, Inc - RISA-ADAPT-Builder v21.0.1

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Developed from the ground up with ADAPT Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology, the ADAPT-Builder Platform is a collection of fully integrated design and analysis tools for concrete buildings, floor systems, columns, walls, foundations, and beam structures, with or without post-tensioning. The solution's intuitive and easy-to-use 3D component modeling capabilities allow you to quickly model any structure. Builder contains specialized design tools for concrete buildings, one-way or two-way column-supported flat slabs, parking structures, mat foundations, and ground-supported slabs.

ADAPT-Builder is a set of software tools that allow you to create fully integrated design models for concrete buildings. Its seamless modeling workflow features allow you to easily create complex concrete geometry including single levels, ramps, and multi-story concrete structures using robust modeling tools as well as import from CAD and BIM softwares. Its loading and analysis capabilities allow you to efficiently analyze slabs or entire structures for the combined effects of gravity, lateral and vibration loading, utilizing true 3D finite element analysis, straightforward load takedown and realistic slab alignment. With ADAPT-Bulider's exhaustive design capabilities, whether you're investigating an existing reinforced concrete slab or designing a multi-story, post-tensioned building, you can control all aspects of the design including cracking, long term deflections and punching shear, ensuring that the results are accurate and complete.

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