Molecular Devices - Axon™pCLAMP™ 10 Electrophysiology Data Acquisition & Analysis pCLAMP v10.3.2.1 for Digidata 132x Digitizer model

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Molecular Devices - Axon™pCLAMP™ 10 Electrophysiology Data Acquisition & Analysis pCLAMP v10.3.2.1 for Digidata 132x  Digitizer model

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pCLAMP, the data acquisition and analysis software suite from the Axon Instruments Cellular Neurosciences product line of Molecular Devices Corp. Designed for a variety of  xperiments, pCLAMP 10 is the latest version of a software package that has become the standard for electrophysiological experimentation and analysis. The flexibility that pCLAMP offers allows researchers to adapt it to many uses outside its traditional applications in electrophysiology.
pCLAMP 10 consists of:

  • Clampex 10, for data acquisition and production of stimulus waveforms.
  • Clampfit 10, for data analysis.
  • AxoScope 10, for background chart recording.
  • MiniDigi, a two-channel digitizer.

Clampex is a versatile and powerful tool for acquiring digitized data of all types. While excellent for the acquisition of patch-clamp data, it is not limited to measuring voltage- or current-clamp responses. Clampex can be used to measure any physical parameter that can be linearly converted into a voltage. For example, you can monitor and acquire endplate
currents, measure the fluorescence signal from a photomultiplier tube, measure pressure from a strain gauge, or acquire any other combination of analog signals.
Clampfit is a powerful data analysis program with a wide variety of statistics, analyses, transforms and layout tools for electrophysiological data. Together, AxoScope and the MiniDigi digitizer provide the functionality traditionally performed by a separate chart recorder—for example, for concurrent background recording.

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