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Metamation - MetaCAM v11 (build 1021.38) English & Japanise

Checket by Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro Dongle Emulator

MetaCAM is a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM application, that integrates many modules related to sheet metal design, development and fabrication.

  • 3D Modeler: A complete, sheet-metal specific 3D modeler with a true-thickness display that lets you accurately model sheet metal components in 3D, and provides fine control over making flat sheet developments.
  • Drawing editor: Easy-to-use drawing editor with intelligent snaps, automatic construction lines and numerous sheet-metal specific editing operations.
  • Dimensioning: Tools to dimension and annotate part geometry and tooling geometry, along with auto-dimension routines to annotate parts at the click of a button.
  • Laser CAM: Comprehensive laser tooling engine, backed by an expert system database to generate optimal laser tooling automatically for a wide variety of parts.
  • 3D CAM: Multi-axis CAM for 3-dimensional tooling. This modules supports 5-axis lasers, and can do cutting on planes, patches and all types of NURBS surfaces. Rotary axes are also supported, and a real-time simulator with a collision checker ensures safe cutting paths.
  • Bend CAM: A module that helps prepare a 3D model for the bending process. Also supports editing bend information, helps in bend sequencing and tooling. 
  • Punch CAM: Punch processing system with a large number of parametric punching patterns, and a heuristically driven auto-tooler for placement of production-ready punch hits even for complex parts.
  • Code Editor: NC Code editor with facilities to output directly to a variety of output devices like paper tape and OEM storage media. The code editor can also reverse-engineer legacy NC code for simulation or conversion to parts.
  • Turret Editor: Graphical turret editor to compose, merge and manage turret layouts for punch parts.
  • Nesting: A state-of-the-art nesting system that optimizes sheet usage with advanced nesting capabilities like irregular remnant stock nesting, common-line nesting and a choice of nesting algorithms to suit varying job requirements.
  • Layout Editor: A high-level layout editor for precise control over laid-out sheets, generated automatically by the nesting engine, or composed interactively. Features a realistic machine simulator and accurate time-estimate for validating programs before they are downloaded to the machine for processing.
  • Report Designer: A graphical report designer lets you customize and design all the reports you will need for shop floor and administrative use.
  • Scheduler: A module that helps optimize machine usage. 

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PerfectCut 6.3 Upgrade Service Pack 7
Possible found all activation codes

GASTWARE v3.10.5.503

HORIZON v10.2.4.1
Possible include ALL modules

Data Management Software for Environmental
Measurement AS-60 Data Management + RT + VM

Easy CG Plus Automation v1.1.3.0
Easy CG Plus Design v1.1.3.0
Possible generate any license configuration file
Bamboo v4.0
DrillMatrix v4.0
ElectrodeX v4.0
Mosaix v4.0
RaVe v4.0
RhinoNC v1.0
SUM3D v1.0
Dental Shaper v1.0
SHOT v4.0
SpaceClaim 2017 SP0 x64 bit
For solution need have any real serial number activation code
auto-QC v3.5
Norav Holter Analysis NH-301 v2.4.0
Cymcap v7.3 rev 3
Possible generate any license feature.
Teledyne Controls – Data Collection Unit (Version N, May 26 2000)
Remove Sentinel PRO Dongle protection (MS-DOS System)
CORPUS 5 v5.0.0.3473
Include all modules, Expired 2030.
Structural Toolkit v5.4.3.1 + Analysis Plus
Possible include all modules
Possible change subscription expiration date

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