Kodak QC Point-of-Care CR 120/140 System v3.0.0.0

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Kodak QC Point-of-Care CR 120/140 System v3.0.0.0

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Compact, lightweight and rugged, the KODAK Point-of-Care CR 140 Single Cassette System delivers 40 cassettes per hour for digital x-ray imaging directly at the point of care and can be configured for any radiographic application.

The modular KODAK Quality Control Software, which manages the system, optimizes the acquisition, processing and viewing of images for quality control purposes. The operator can choose several modes of digitizing with different resolutions depending on the type of examination. The resulting image can be additionally processed, enlarged and sent to any recipient via DICOM 3.0 without loss of quality. The image can be printed or saved in a local archive on CD or DVD.
Features of KODAK Quality Control Software Version 2.5:

• Reader management.
• Entering and editing patient demographic data.
• DB of patients.
• Measurements, annotations.
• Print layout.
• Kodak Image Processing: image processing depending on the examined organ; expanding the photographic latitude of the image while maintaining the contrast of small details (simultaneous visualization of soft tissues and small details of bone structures, etc.); sharpening (emphasizing borders).
• Ability to re-process the image.
• Procedure mapping: Software for automating exposure modes based on procedure codes.
• Export DICOM Store SCU.
• DICOM Storage Comm.
• DICOM Print SCU.




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