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Device Monitoring Studio by HHD Software

It is a professional tool for monitoring and analyzing USB devices and any applications that work with them.

Windows 10 x64 supported!

Download and Install HDD USB Monitor

Where download HDD USB Monitor for Windows 7 - 10 x32 and x64 bit system

Download HDD USB Monitor from original HHD Software site.

Where download HDD USB Monitor for Windows XP system

Download HDD USB Monitor for Windows XP from original HHD Software site.

How install HHD USB Monitor on mine computer?

Download and Install HDD USB Monitor using the recommended settings by the installer.
Reboot your computer after installation.

Buy or use a trial?

Basically it is enough to use the Trial version of the program to get the logs.
But we noticed that in Trial mode the program may lose some data  packets from the dongle.
Therefore, we recommend that you buy a license for USB Monitor, it costs only $65 USD.

Step by step instruction

Step I - Insert dongle in computer.

1. Remove dongle from computer.
2. Execute Device Monitoring Studio.
3. Select "USB -> Next connected device" and press right mouse button and select "Start Monitoring".

4. Add "URB View" to processing list.

5. Press "Start Button" and start usb log capture.

7. Insert Dongle in computer. You should see packets captured by the HHD USB Monitor.

Step II - Execute protected program.

This is a very important part of the log capture process.
Your task is to determine all the files of the protected program to start and run them in step by step.
Try to work in a protected application as fully as possible, use the maximum functionality. It is very important. You can run protected application sevaral times.
The more information you receive, the easier it will be for us to analyze it and get a positive result.

Step III - Save log.

1. Then you need to save the log. Select “Tools -> Save to Log”.

2. Select log file location and press “Ok” to save your captured log.


Step IV - Export log to Text file.

1. Export captured log to text format. IMPORTANT!!! Select tab “Complete”.

2. After then select “Edit -> Export”.

3. Select "Save as type: ANSI Text files (*.txt)" and "Save" exported log to text format.


Step V - Send information.

Archive all .DMSLOG8 log and .TXT log files on Zip archive and send it on

CaptionMaker v6.11 - v6.12 Enterprise Edition
Possible include any license configuration.

AGFA Apogee Prepress v8.0

BySoft v6.4.2
Possible generate activation codes for all modules.

Correlator3D v4.3.0

RM2006 v9.49.05
Vienna Test System v6.80.000
Possible change expiration date

Ellipse SPT Software


EasyCUT v4.1b4
EasyGLASS v4.4
EasySTONE v4.1.b3
PowerCAM v3.7c4

Bellview FUSION v7.45
License creation.

Wind turbine design v4.6.0.64

Data Video 2007
Data Volley 2007

CAT TEM Evolution System JView v3.5.2
Service WIBU-BOX Dongle RED
Authorization WIBU-BOX Dongle YELLOW
MWM TEM Evolution System JView v3.6.0
Service WIBU-BOX Dongle RED
Authorization WIBU-BOX Dongle YELLOW
StudioRIP v3.9.355

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