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Checked by HARDLOCK Dongle emulator
Possible include all possible modules in license file

Software CAD / CAM / CNC laser cutting machines.




Comfortline v1.14.0.2
Comfortline v1.29.1.0

StarLog Products:
MUD.LOG v6.4.2
STRIP.LOG v6.4.2

Design 3D, Design Dobby, Design Jacquard, Design Desk Pro

Sage Timberline Estimating TRA-SER Integrator

Opera Job Management v3.8.0.171
Possible change expiration date
Opty-Way v6.0.0.11

CADMAN PL v31.04

dSoft products activations.

Brother BES-100E Embroidery Software v2.14

Veeptool v16
Possible generate activation codes for any modules

Pic2Plate v1.0.6.21
Generate full license file.

LG Download Program v1.3.9.10 f Rel 060718

Tetra AirAnalyzer v3.4.6.2

Bellview FUSION v7.45
License creation.

Applications Master v5.3.0
Building Generator v2.2.0
Ortho Vista v4.5.1
GVE v3.5.15
SCOP v3.5.2
SCOP++ v5.4.5
TopDM v5.5.12
Used HARDLOCK RUS license, possible change license information.


CorobCARD PLUS v4.12
CorobLAB v4.0.7

Colour Composter v9.0

Add:  [27.05.2016] Possible generate activation codes for ALL Corob Software


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