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Checked by HASP SRM Dongle Emulator
Possible change modules feature in Emulator


Founded in 1991, SMI is a world leader in dedicated computer vision applications. Working closely with our clients, we have more than 20 years' experience in developing and marketing application-specific gaze &eye tracking systems. Our eye trackers and software products combine a maximum of performance and usability with the highest possible quality, resulting in high-value solutions for our customers. More than 6,000 of our eye tracker systems in operation worldwide are testimony to our continuing success in providing innovative products and outstanding services.



CabinetControl v7.0.47
Used HARDLOCK RUS license, possible change license information.

Dentero Viewer v1.4.7
Aligment / CDT Export / 3D Cutter / 3D Measure / Merge / Milling Direction / Praepline finder
License creator.

Perfect Cut v5.1 SP4
Perfect Cut v6.66

CALS-manager v4.4.1 JAPAN

Taglio v32 - 12-04-2017
Possible generate any license configuration

Vienna Test System v6.80.000
Possible change expiration date
Advance Design America (ADA) 2017
Possible make any licenses

MACS V4.5.1

Crucial Design v1.5505 Build 1 Revision 505

ELOP II & ELOP II Factory v4.1

Tetra AirAnalyzer v3.4.6.2

METUS INGEST v3.1.0.5 x64
Motorola OLE Process Control 3.10
Possible include Unlimited numper of RTUs and Items
OrisDent 9001 Professional FULL v7.15 rel 881
StabiCAD V

NcCenter v6.0.1.157
Solid v9.0.1.157


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