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Checked by HASP SRM Dongle Emulator

CAD / CAM / CNC Software




Race EVO Standart v7.00.403

dSoft products activations.

Pic2Plate v1.0.6.21
Generate full license file.

WindPRO 2.4.0
Possible generate all modules.

MIKE Zero 2016 SP2 for x32 & x64 bit

Checked by SentinelSuperPro Dongle Emulator.
Possible add any modules to license file.
Possinle add unlimited MaxNode counts.
Possible remove Expiration restriction from license file.
KCD Doors Plus v10.064.020

Possible include all modules.
Possible change expiration date.
Possible update real UNIKEY dongle.
Wind turbine design v4.6.0.64

Sokkia (20.11.2003)

COPRA® RF 2011 Standalone
Possible include all modules

ICam v2.9.2 Build 365
Possible found ALL Activation code for configuration.
Color iControl v9.7.10.1
Remove Registration License Key
OpenCAD v4.2.1.10706
Solution only for x32 bit systems

Veeptool v16
Possible generate activation codes for any modules

LPC Composer v4.0.2

Bellview FUSION v7.45
License creation.

Microcam v4.0
Remove China SafeNet SoftDog protection

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