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On this page we will acquaint you with the list of software for which specific instructions have been developed.

Instructions may contain:

  • Getting indentification information
  • Getting dongle information
  • Information for free software activation

ATTENTION!!! Please read the instructions carefully!!!
Believe us, we spent a lot of time to write specific instructions on the type step by step, to make it easier for you and for us to work on finding solutions to your problems.

Software List:


WindPRO 2.4.0
Possible generate all modules.

LG Download Program v1.3.9.10 f Rel 060718
TILLVisION v4.0.1

Waypoint GrafNav v8.30.2105

Crucial Design v1.5505 Build 1 Revision 505

Wind turbine design v4.6.0.64
TachyCAD v4.2
DentalWings CAD v6.1.0.30725

DynaCal Calibration v5.4.6.9

Eberick V5 Gold, V6, V7 e V8 2014.06
Hydros v4.R10

RFMS Measure 2016 v12.0 PREMIER 
Local authorization server.

DrillSIM-5 v6.130.38
Possible make for:
DrillSIM-20, DrillSIM-50,  DrillSIM-500, DrillSIM-5000

ACL v8

MIDAS Civil 2013 v3.1

Micro Map v3.0.0.16 (for x32 and x64 bit systems)
Stereo HIT+ v3.0.0.16 (for x32 and x64 bit systems)
GIS and Photogrammetric software
Porrible include all modules.

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