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Checked by WIBU-BOX Dongle Emulator
Possible change license file

Universal modular experiment and instrumentation software for electronic control unit (ECU) development

ControlDesk Next Generation is the dSPACE experiment software for seamless ECU development. It performs all the necessary tasks and gives you a single working environment, from the start of experimentation right to the end.

About license modules.
Now known this list:

If you have a license file for the program tell me about the other names of the modules and we will try to make a full license.




GravoStyle™ 5

TILLVisION v4.0.1
RM2006 v9.49.05
NetExchange Server Software v3.20
Generated universal activation key
Color iControl v9.7.10.1
Remove Registration License Key

HiCAD neXt 2005
Used HARDLOCK RUS license, possible change license information.

EIVA NaviSuit 2017
Possible include any modules

Investox XL v4.0.17
Used HARDLOCK RUS license, possible change license information.

Conductor v2.0 FULL
Possible change license edition.

Norav Holter Analysis NH-301 v2.4.0
DataCAD v11.01.02

LG FlashTool v1.4.1

GeoDraft v5.01.09
Possible include all modules.

StoneCAM v3.3
WinGlass v3.3
Possible change license.

ELOP II & ELOP II Factory v4.1

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