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Vendor: 0x10F7 Product: 0x8406 Device: 0x0002
Vendor: 0x10F7 Product: 0x81E1



USB HID (Human Interface Device) (no need drivers)


LPT & USB Dongles
Multiplatform dongle
Memory 16 bytes
Unique Hardware ID


MegaLock can emulated by Driver mode or by DLL mode.
If you have MegaLock dongle and you want to help this project, please contact us

Dongle emulator:

For create backup / emulator need:

USBTrace logs (How to make USBTrace log for protection dongles)

USB Device Viever Information

Software distributive / setup files (upload to MEGA or Dropbox)

Software tested with MegaLock dongle emulator:

LG Electronics

LG FlashTool v1.4.1

LG Electronics
LGUP v1.13.5.0
LGUP v1.14.0.3

GibbsCAM 2007 v8.5

Jotoun Colour Manager v1.13.12.0
Founded passwords for SQL databases
OrisDent 9001 Professional FULL v7.15 rel 881
IKS Protti v3.4.8.6
DENVER v23.01 (30-06-2009)
Possible generate any license configuration

Data Video 2007
Data Volley 2007

Lantek Expert 2011 v31.02
NAXOS v10 to v14.1401.1409
METI v13.1201.1168.0
Possible change license file.

Lateral Flow Reader v4.5.1.408


Deckman C-Map v9.1
Possible generate all activation codes

Opera Job Management v3.8.0.171
Possible change expiration date

BRC Sequent Fast v1.03

NetExchange Server Software v3.20
Generated universal activation key

Terminal Programming Station
SPT & TPS programs.

Micro Map v3.0.0.16 (for x32 and x64 bit systems)
Stereo HIT+ v3.0.0.16 (for x32 and x64 bit systems)
GIS and Photogrammetric software
Porrible include all modules.

ArtiCAD Pro Kitchen Design System v16.0 Build 52

Tebis v3.3 Release 4
StarLog Products:
MUD.LOG v6.4.2
STRIP.LOG v6.4.2

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